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Music Producer Feature - May 2015 -



Andrew was featured in the top industry Ezine of, talking about the music production business, thoughts and ideas.

by Lucas Denman


Working with Andrew was both a pleasure and privilege. I needed a producer and composer to help realize an album I had written, and Andrew was the right man for the job! He provided connections to many talented musicians, composed pieces for me that sounded fabulous, and was extremely professional with everything we did. Highly recommended!!!!!!

by Loralee P.


Andrew did an amazing job with my tracks. He helped me through the entire process, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering, and was excellent at each part. He is very knowledgeable and has great artistic talent and judgement. Can't recommend him enough!

 by Kim Yarbrough


Andrew recently produced some original tracks for a vocal student of mine. He met with her several hours in the beginning to make sure he carefully understood who she was personally and musically. The tracks came out a perfect fit for her and we all are very pleased with the production and results. Thanks Andrew! The tunes are smokin'!

 by Tim Ryan


When I came to Andrew with my project my record was more or less a skeleton. He succeeded in breathing life into the album with both his production skills as well as his performances as a session player. Andrew has a gift to bring out your sound, in your music using his unique skill set. He's the only producer I trust 100% with my music.

by Ladina Spence


Andrew is an amazing producer. He truly understands me and doesn't try to change me into an artist that I am not. He creates exactly the groove I imagine, and completely understands my overall image of the song. Andrew also has a great talent for songwriting as we have written some songs together. Such a pleasure every time!

by Fabian Fernandez


The amazing talents of this multi instrumentalist, producer, mixer, composer never cease to amaze me. Andrew is the real deal; he has incredible ears, and his musical choices are based on a pure, kind hearted spiritual approach - which puts him in the top 5% of anyone I've ever worked with. We have done many amazing studio sessions together!

by Belinda Capol


Amazing working with Andrew in 2014. Truly gifted as a musician, producer and engineer. He can feel into many music styles. As a multi instrumentalist he nailed the vibe for my album playing drums, bass, keys and guitar. He has a great studio and is very easy to work with delivering on time. I highly recommend this very talented producer to anyone.

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