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These options are for the mastering of one stereo radio quality ready song or one instrumental track, 5 minutes in length, one EP 25 minutes or an Album of 80 minutes. Choose between 'Track, EP or Album' options for the additional prices. Order quantity can be set in your shopping cart.


  • When you choose this option, I will send you a private link to a shared work folder. You can then upload your individual stereo tracks for me to start mastering. You will receive a proof master to listen to and we can discuss any revisions.

    Mastering an EP or Album includes:
    • Optimization of average/peak volume levels for correct relative loudness
    • Signal Processing compression, limiting, EQ as required
    • Arranging tracks in final sequence
    • Timing of the space between tracks
    • Find the ‘Sonic’ feel for all tracks
    • Place track markers at head of all tracks
    • Removal of noise like clicks, pops, hiss
    • Clean-up start and ending of each track
    • PQ codes required for replication
    • Red Book CD Master and proof CD

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