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This option is for mixing one radio quality ready song or one instrumental track, 5 minutes in length. Select 'Track, EP or Album' options for higher track counts or a custom creative mix to see additional cost for the increased track count. Order quantity can be set in your shopping cart. All mixed songs have free mastering.


  • When you choose this option, I will send you a private link to a shared work folder. You can then upload your individual sessions Pro Tools, Logic, Abelton, GarageBand, stems (wav or aiff) or tracks for me to start mixing. You will receive a proof mix to listen to and we discuss any revisions.

    Mixing includes:
    • Adjustment of volume relative levels
    • Signal Processing compression, limiting, EQ as required
    • Use of EFX such as reverb, chorus, delay etc
    • Use of side-chaining and parallel compression
    • Tube and tape saturation if needed
    • Find the ‘Sonic’ feel for the mix
    • Final limiting

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